Orenco Station Hillsboro Eco-Friendly Apartments

Things you see...

Seeking LEED Certification - Promotes environmentally responsible building practices

Redevelopment of a distressed site - Neighborhoods are revitalized and dense urban living is created in a certified “LEED for Neighborhood Development” location

Upcycled excess building materials - Energy is saved not having to make new products and less trash is being thrown into landfills

Large efficient unit windows - Enjoy lots of natural light and fresh air while saving energy

Reclaimed and refurbished items - A truly unique and beautiful living space is created that reduces waste

Eco-friendly landscaping on rooftops and sidewalks - Drip landscaping and drought resistant plants require less watering and green roofs reduce runoff

Low VOC paints, adhesives, and flooring - Improved indoor air quality that provides a more comfortable living environment

Things You Use...

Energy efficient appliances - Reduce energy use = lower utility bill = $ savings

Open amenity spaces - Residents enjoy the fresh air on roof top decks and can relax in the vegetated courtyards

Low flow toilets, showers, and faucets - Waste less and reduce sewer and water bills

Motion sensor lighting in the garage - Lights are only on when you need them

Countertops made of excess composite materials - Usable product isn’t wasted and thrown into a landfill

Extra insulation in the floors, windows, walls, & ceilings - Temperature control means less energy to cool/heat rooms and provides greater comfort at a lower cost

Things You Choose...

Live in the city - Easy access to public transportation, restaurants, shops, and entertainment right outside your door

Use green cleaning products - Green cleaning products are healthier for you, your neighbor, and the planet

Drive an energy efficient or electric car - Priority parking and electric car charging stations are available to make getting around a little easier

Ride a bike - Get exercise, be healthier, save money on gas, and have easy storage for your bike

Platform 14 offers great apartments in Orenco Station Hillsboro.

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